E-course: Recreate Your Life Story

Recreate Your Life Story: Change the Script and Be the Hero

This is an amazing e-course from the founder of Tiny Buddha, Lori Deschene, that I am more than honored to be a part of. It’s an inspiring, life-changing course about taking control of your life and following your heart. One of my blog posts is included in the curriculum and I couldn’t be more excited. Do yourself a favor and check it out! Your life will never be the same.

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  1. jenniferemonroe says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    I just read your article in the Recreate e-course. I’m in the same boat you were! I broke-up with a boyfriend and now feel quite confused and not empowered. Did you let go of your relationship completely in order to find yourself? I’m struggling to let go.

    1. Jennifer –

      I just saw your message. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner!

      Letting go is not an easy thing to do and it doesn’t happen over night. Give yourself a break! When we choose to walk away from someone we love, even if we know we have to, it sucks. It just plain sucks. Your every thought is consumed by them and the choice you made.

      Practice focusing on this: YOU are the most important person in your life. YOU and no one else. Just you. YOU, as much as anyone else, deserve your love, affection and compassion. Everything happens as it should, always. Remember that! You did what you had to do for you and nothing else matters. That takes guts and courage. Try and take your focus off him and put it on yourself. This takes practice, but just focus on one day at a time….even one moment! I promise it gets easier. Trust yourself. Trust the universe. Trust that everything happens as it should, always.

      I hope this helps. Good luck with the e-course! It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m glad you took it. I did a lot of reading and self-help e-courses during that time in my life. Also, talking to someone can help SO much.



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