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What if we all focused more on being rather than having?


This is thought that I have been pondering a lot lately.

We so easily get swept up in our crazy thoughts, the latest drama, the news, our relationships, jobs, the stuff. We focus on getting here or there, on our faults, our diets, what is or isn’t happening for us. We need to have this or that; energy, time, material possessions. We worry about what other people think; about us, about everything. We get lost in the hustle of our everyday lives. We worry, we fear, we stress, we feel helpless. We should, we shouldn’t. We could, we couldn’t. The list goes on and on.

That isn’t how it has to be. I know this well, yet recently I found myself stuck in a downward spiral of yuck. I was feeling depressed, confused, and stuck. Nothing seemed to help. This went on for months and months. Then one day, a couple of weeks ago, it hit me. I was being my own worst enemy. I wasn’t doing anything to help myself aside from think and worrying about what was or wasn’t happening. I was searching for answers to my problems in all of the wrong places. I let myself forget everything that yoga has taught me.

When I discovered yoga, I also discovered how to stop focusing on having, wanting, worrying. I slowed down enough to finally get to know myself. To let go of everything else. Yoga helped me discover BEING. 

Just being. No more, no less. Just me. My mind, my body, my soul.

For me, focusing on just being taps into an unlimited source of unconditional love and acceptance. Connection; to myself, the universe, to the people and the world around me. It makes life worth living.  Yoga helped me discover that I am whole, I am complete, and that all that I need is within me. Always. No matter what is going on around me, or inside me. Happiness and contentment are an inside job. When I take time to focus on being, whether it’s through yoga, meditation or watching my breath, it brings me back to that realization, as it’s all too easy to forget.

Unlimited and endless inspiration and potential lies within each of us. The answers we seek are always, always, always inside. We just have to slow down enough to discover this truth and all that is possible.

When I stop focusing so much on having (or not having) and bring my attention to just BEING, my world becomes  a very different, more beautiful, peaceful  and positive place.

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