It is Safe to Feel

As a human we experience an intense variety of emotions every day, and whether we want to do not, we have to deal with all of the highs and lows of life. While this can be joyful and beautiful, it can also be heartbreaking and exhausting. Especially if you are highly sensitive person like me. I feel it all and I feel it all very intensely.

I’m here to tell you that it is okay to feel all of your feelings. The pleasant and the not-so-pleasant. More importantly, it is necessary. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel it all — including sadness, anger, grief, heartbreak — it will keep us stuck and prevent us from healing and moving forward. If we refuse to feel the uncomfortable stuff it will keep us from being able to experience the joy, love, compassion as fully as we want to. Feeling uncomfortable feelings can be so difficult, but I promise it’s safe. It is safe to feel and it is safe to feel it all.

As they say, stars can’t shine without darkness. Everything is temporary. The darkness won’t last forever.

If you’re struggling with some intense feelings I invite you to use this mantra:

Inhale: I feel it all.

Exhale: I am safe.

Practice letting yourself feel all the feelings. Know that you are safe.



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