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I’m Alive

I have always loved singing . I have also always wanted to learn to play the ukulele. In September my dad gave me his ukulele and I immediately fell in love with it. Learning to play has been so calming and therapeutic for me. The first time I heard the song ‘Proof’ by Alex G it took my breath away. The lyrics, the message. It’s perfect. I knew I needed to learn how to play this song.

This last year proved to be the hardest year of my life so far. It’s amazing that having a broken heart doesn’t kill you, because it sure feels like it should. This song has seriously helped carry me through. This song helps remind me that even though my heart is broken, the pain is proof that I’m alive. It’s ok (and necessary) to allow myself to feel, to process. To not push these feelings away. To be gentle with myself. To take life one day (or even one moment) at a time. Sometimes life is really hard. Sometimes it hurts so much that we feel like we are going to die. They say the only way out is through. All we can do is try to embrace and accept the pain, the weight, the heavy absence, and at the same time allow ourselves to feel grateful for being able to feel and love so deeply. To be alive and to have experienced something so real, so significant..something that is so hard to let go of.



3 thoughts on “I’m Alive”

  1. Lindsey you are truly amazing!!! You never cease to amaze me!!! You have such a beautiful voice!!!! I love the you can play the ucalayle!!! My dad owned a music store and I appreciate someone who can play!!! You are amazing!!!!


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